Credit for garden design

  A garden design can be very expensive. This applies regardless of whether an already existing garden is to be redesigned or a new garden is to be created. For this reason, it is very difficult for many people to cover the costs of garden design from their own income. Here it is necessary to […]

So easy to get a 6000 Euro credit

  Camibank, credither and CredEur Bank are currently leading the market with a € 6,000 loan. The Camibank offers a 6000 Euro loan with a maturity of 48 months with a monthly installment starting at 136.03 Euro at an annual interest rate between 4.29 and 9.99 percent. Installment loan With credither is a 6000 euro […]

Loan consolidation: how to prepare your application?

  The repurchase of credit – also called credit consolidation, debt restructuring and refinancing – allows to regroup all or part of its loans and debts (real estate loan, consumer loans, tax delays, bank overdrafts) to pay only one only monthly payment. As with a home loan or a consumer loan, however, it is advisable […]

Credit for Low Income: Financing for Low Wages

Although we only have a low income, we also have the right to carry out our projects. Even if the banks favor households with a fairly comfortable income, it is quite possible to obtain a consumption credit for families with small financial resources. It may happen that you have not always been in this financial […]

What type of loan should I apply for?

We currently live with a high number of concepts and definitions related to credits and financial products. What is the difference between the different types of market credits? Which one best suits my conditions? What do lenders refer to when they grant loans? What is a lender? We want to help you get familiar with […]

Credit without inquiry to employer

Who wants to take a loan, must prove his income. This is done by presenting the last three pay slips. Thus a loan without question to employers is possible at any time. The employer is not informed about the loan. Why does the bank want to see the salary or payroll statements? Before a credit […]

Loan for own contribution to the mortgage

Before we obtain a positive decision on granting a mortgage, we must ensure that we meet all the conditions set for us. One of them is having the right own contribution. Only a few years ago, borrowers could easily get a mortgage, even when they had no savings. In 2014, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority decided, however, […]