The repurchase of credit – also called credit consolidation, debt restructuring and refinancing – allows to regroup all or part of its loans and debts (real estate loan, consumer loans, tax delays, bank overdrafts) to pay only one only monthly payment.

As with a home loan or a consumer loan, however, it is advisable to prepare your loan redemption request. How? By performing simulations.

What simulations to perform?

What simulations to perform?

Several calculators make it possible to prepare one’s request: capital remaining due, amortization table, level of indebtedness…

But if you are interested in a restructuring of your loans, there is a simulation of credit redemption on which you absolutely must not go: the credit consolidation simulator. This tool makes it possible to calculate your future monthly payment, and thus to have an outline of the savings that you could realize every month.

To get an overview of your next monthly payments, you just have to fill in the required fields: monthly income, your situation relative to the housing you currently occupy (landlord or tenant), as well as the loans and debts that you wish to redeem.

Instantly, you get an estimate of your future monthly payments, the cost of insurance, lower monthly payments and the total cost of the new credit.

Why perform a pooling simulation?

Why perform a pooling simulation?

First, as explained above, you have an estimate of the monthly payments and expenses that you could pay every month. This allows you to anticipate your budget for the coming months, possibly for a personal project (a real estate purchase for example). And you will be better armed when you negotiate the terms of your loan consolidation.

Second, you can use calculators as many times as you want. Our tools are free, anonymous and without commitment. Feel free to test different scenarios by indicating different information in the requested fields.

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