16 best meat delivery services to try in 2022: Rastelli’s, Crowd Cow, Wild Fork and more


Cost: Standard and Family Organized Boxes range from $ 118 to $ 187. Individual items vary in price. Memberships are free and offer product discounts and free shipping on select orders.

Availablity: Nationwide, except Alaska and Hawaii

Customer reviews: “The Crowd Cow offers are fantastic. High quality products with excellent packaging and shipping. I highly recommend trying Crowd Cow! ” – Antoine

Why it’s worth it: Wild Fork offers a wide selection of beef, steaks, pork, lamb, sausages, and specialty meats, such as ostrich and venison. And, you can find plenty of options captured from the wild, grass-fed, and antibiotic-free. Buy individual portions or grab one of the many packages containing a mix of meat and sides. Membership ($ 29 per year) gives you free shipping and can even earn you free same-day pickup (depending on where you live).

Cost: Packages range from $ 15 to $ 350. Individual items vary in price.

Availablity: 38 states and Washington, DC

Customer reviews: “They say that money does not buy happiness. But he can buy you bacon, which is pretty much the same thing! “- Jeff

Why it’s worth it: From grass-fed, grass-finished beef and pasture-raised chicken to traditional pork and wild-caught seafood, FarmFoods has tons of high-quality options to satisfy your meat cravings. . In addition to purchasing individual items, various samplers and packs are also available. You can even catch part of a whole cow or pig. Shipping is free on orders over $ 99 and items arrive frozen wrapped in dry ice.

Cost: The price of economy packs starts at around $ 60; prices for individual items vary.

Availablity: Nationwide, but free shipping is not available to Hawaii, Alaska, or the U.S. Virgin Islands

Customer reviews: “I really appreciate high quality, organically farmed and farmed products and FarmFoods offers both on one site. For variety, quality and price, FarmFoods is number 1. ” – Barbara

Why it’s worth it: Porter Road sources its meat from family owned and operated farms in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, so the farms are carefully vetted for sustainability and breeding standards. Their products are hand cut and all beef is dry aged for at least 14 days. Meats, including beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, are antibiotic and hormone free and sold as individual cuts, in packages, or through subscriptions. Choose from a butcher’s choice box, a best-of box, and more. Subscribers can have their choices delivered every two, four or eight weeks.

Cost: Subscription boxes range from $ 100 to $ 127; individual prices vary.

Availablity: Nationwide except Alaska and Hawaii

Customer reviews: “Porter Road has become my go-to source for top quality meat and fast delivery. I have ordered twice now and both times the quality has exceeded my expectations. In addition, their packaging is ecological. Excellent. “- Warren

6. Butcher’s shop

Why it’s worth it: This Instagram-friendly meat delivery service focuses on delivering grass-fed beef, crate-raised pork, organic free-range chicken, and wild-caught seafood. ButcherBox works with farmers and fishermen committed to sustainability and operates their meat processing facilities to high quality standards. ButcherBox is only available by subscription, but there are five boxes to choose from: a custom box, a mixed box, a box of beef and chicken, a box of beef and pork, and a box of beef. The meats are frozen and delivered every four, six or eight weeks in an ecological insulated box.

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