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Visakhapatnam: Up to 53,003 services have so far been converted to underground electrical wiring network in Visakhapatnam, according to official statistics. The project was taken over by Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company Limited (APEPDCL), as part of the APradesh disaster recovery project a few years ago with around Rs 755 crore.
Officials say the project has achieved 60% financial progress (Rs 457 crore has been spent so far against the estimated total project cost of Rs 755 crore).
After Cyclone Hudhud hit the town of Vizag, the APDRP considered the project for underground electrical wiring in the areas that dot the coastline of the town of Visakhapatnam. The World Bank is providing financial support for this project. In addition to serving the aesthetic objective, the project aims to reduce the vulnerability of the distribution network to natural disasters.
Energy, Environment and Forestry Minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy held talks with Energy Department employees on Tuesday on Andhra Pradesh’s second anniversary Central Power Distribution Company Limited (APCPDCL).
Speaking on the occasion, Srinivasa Reddy said; “Electricity being the main engine of development, the state government views 24/7 power supply as the key to boosting economic growth and improving the standard of living of the population. Providing farmers with free power for 9 hours will help increase agricultural production and provide assurance to the farming community to protect their crops.
“The salary review committee will decide on the new salary scales for electricity workers. Employees need not worry about the government’s decision in this regard. The new regulations will not apply to existing employees. It will apply to employees who enter the services in the future. Compassionate appointments will be made in accordance with regulations. The government will soon make a decision on the employee cost allowance. The government will examine the concerns of the employees of the outsourcing and make the appropriate decisions, ”the minister told the employees.

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