Aduamoa farmers call for farm equipment


Farmers in Aduamoa have asked the Kwahu East District Assembly to provide them with agricultural equipment like tractors, tricycles, graders and irrigation facilities to help them expand their farms.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian News Agency in Aduamoa in East Kwahu District, Mr. Kwarkye Sampong, the farmers’ representative said labor in Aduamoa was expensive, thus preventing them from producing food in large quantities.

He said services to farmers cost up to GH 50.00 per acre, which he said was too expensive given their economic conditions.

He said climate change was affecting agriculture in the region since it had not rained for the past four months, explaining that all of their produce, especially tiger nuts, had gone bad.

Mr Sampong said the scarcity of water in the area was also a challenge for locals pleading with philanthropists, non-governmental organizations and the Kwahu East District Assembly to provide mechanized boreholes to the viewpoints for easy access.

Kwahu Aduamoa is a community in Kwahu East District with a population of approximately 2,000.

The main occupation of the people is agriculture and they cultivate foodstuffs such as cassava, pepper, tomatoes, maize, cassava, plantains, pears and bananas.

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