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CES 2022 is finally over, and during the show we got to see some of the more interesting products, most of which were things you can buy and not just concepts. This has been a year without too much complexity, and while many companies have canceled their events, we had several great products to view. So here is Pocketnow’s list for the Best of CES 2022.

Given the diverse nature of the show, we did not categorize the awards and focused on the products that would be marketed, as the concepts will not benefit anyone until there is a finished product. .

Hyundai robotics

Source: Pocketnow

First on our list is Hyundai, for its object mobility ecosystem. You may have seen Spot, a yellow robot dog, dancing on the internet, right? Well, Hyundai acquired Boston Dynamics, the company behind this product, in June 2021. Since then, the robot puppy has been fitted with a robotic arm for applications described as dangerous to humans.

But this is not the only product in Hyundai’s MoT ecosystem, as we also had the opportunity to see concepts related to personal mobility for everyone (impaired or non-impaired) that would provide a solution to more personalized urban transport. There was also information regarding the technology, which Hyundai aims to apply to logistics-related issues and provide versatile solutions.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Galaxy S21 FE all colors
Source: Pocketnow

After spending months behind the curtains, CES 2022 also served as a platform for Samsung to unveil the latest Fan Edition, the Galaxy S21 FE. It was great to see the company return to CES, and the value proposition-based device offers a lot less compromise than what we’ve seen previously.

For $ 699, the device has a much improved display, which is almost 1: 1 equivalent to the more expensive Galaxy S21, except that it is 0.2 inches larger (6.4 inches instead of 6, 2 inches) and has a fixed refresh rate (you can choose 60Hz or 120Hz) instead of the adaptive 48Hz-120Hz. The build quality with the Contour-Cut frame is more solid and the cameras also have improved performance, perhaps thanks to the flagship Snapdragon 888 SoC with its new image signal processor. And each type of 5G has made its way into the lineup as well.

This phone is something to keep in mind for those looking to get a slightly larger and more affordable Galaxy S21 device.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in white

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The latest Galaxy S21 FE comes with the powerful Snapdragon 888 chipset, a large 6.4 inch AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, 12 MP primary, 12 MP ultra-wide and 8 telephoto lens. MP on the back to capture moments.

Jabra Elite 4 Active

Jabra Elite 4
Source: Jabra

Jabra has always made great pairs of headphones, but there’s always room for improvement, and at CES 2022 we got to see a new addition to their TWS lineup, the Jabra Elite 4 Active. The new product sports an IP57 rating, improved battery life, and ANC for $ 119 – a good deal if you ask, especially compared to AirPods.

For audio, Jabra relies on these 6mm drivers with adjustable EQ (via its Sound + app) and even includes a new transparency mode – to help you hear others – which it markets as HearThrough technology. . And to make sure people on the other end of the line can listen to you, the company added four microphones to the device.

The headphones also come with other additional features, like built-in Alexa and Spotify Tap. With their proven durability and sound quality backed by a two year warranty, they are quite irresistible and deserve your consideration, in our opinion.

The headphones will last 7 hours on a single charge, and the case adds 21 (three full charges) for a total of 28.

Jabra Elite 4 Active

Jabra Elite 4 Active

Jabra Elite 4 Active is a great set of truly wireless headphones for the fitness enthusiast. For a retail price of $ 119, it offers great value, especially with its two-year warranty.

Samsung Freestyle

Front view of the Samsung Freestyle projector
Source: Pocketnow

Projectors have often been confined to the realm of your home or its specially designed movie theater, but with The Freestyle Samsung has come up with a product that looks quite interesting. Yes, by the projector standard it doesn’t have the brightest light source (only 550 lumens), but it doesn’t have the other limitations either.

This mobile device – shocking to think of it as such, isn’t it? – really stole the show for us! It can turn into a unit that you place on the ground, one that you can attach to the ceiling, or one that you can just pick up and take on your camping trip. All of this makes it very attractive.

For $ 899 it’s pricey, but it has a design that will suit any scenario you want, and it’s hard to deny how cool this product is.

Samsung The Freestyle


The Freestyle is a portable projector and smart speaker that’s perfect for use when you’re on the go.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

garmin come 2 plus placed on a base
Source: Pocketnow

The Venu 2 Plus is an addition to Garmin’s product line that aims to bridge the gap between a smartwatch and a great fitness computer. It’s available in a 43mm case – and in three colors, slate, silver, and gold – and will retail for $ 449.99.

It brings 24/7 monitoring features that will measure your oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep and breathing, to name a few. And it supports 1,400 exercises, and with Garmin Coach, you’ll be able to create adaptive training plans to meet your fitness goals.

Pocketnow’s Jaime Rivera is training for a marathon and currently wears a Garmin Fenix ​​because he wants a better-performing fitness tracker than a better-performing smartwatch. But according to him, this product bridges the gap from Garmin and offers a more modern approach.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus Slate

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

The Garmin Venu 2 Plus is an excellent companion for anyone interested in the field of fitness. It has multiple 24/7 monitoring capabilities and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


TCL NXTWEAR when worn
Source: Pocketnow

The TCL NXTWEAR Air is a pair of smart glasses that includes two 1080p micro OLED displays with a 16: 9 aspect ratio and promises a very unique viewing experience.

We’ve seen wearable glasses in concept form countless times and expected TCL to give up their attempts at vaporware, but this product has a few feet to stand on as you can buy it later this year. year.

We had very little time with the glasses at CES, but it was enough to convince us that it’s great. Imagine having the equivalent of a 140 inch television in front of your eyes while the content is being played from your smartphone. It’s pretty much a Pocket Cinema that you can customize with different looks to make it more understated. It’s also lighter than their previous attempts, a huge plus!

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Samsung Odyssey Ark at CES 2022
Source: Pocketnow

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is one product that we believe has garnered a lot of attention at CES. It’s a new 55-inch curved gaming display with a traditional 16: 9 aspect ratio, although that part of its spec makes it really big for its form factor.

There’s a dial included that moves information quickly, and the stand also lets you turn it vertically and turn it into a dashboard to do a lot of things at once. Samsung intends for users to apply some of its potential multitasking ideas to use the screen in the most productive or enjoyable way.

We believe the design leads to an increase in versatility and allows the top of the screen to present more information than was possible on previous curved displays. But, there is no pricing information available yet, although we hope that matches all the excitement this product has generated.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Roborock S7 Max moored in its base
Source: Pocketnow

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the all-in-one home cleaning solution that we believe proved successful at CES 2022. For $ 1399, it’s expensive, but it intends to be the perfect autonomous robot. .

It has a brand new empty wash fill dock where the vacuum mop undergoes automatic cleaning, and after a period of time the dock also cleans itself. The S7 has a lot of popularity, but we think the MaxV Ultra takes it a step further.

The pain point of having to clean the vacuum and its base after cleaning your home is very real, and this device aims to reduce effort and increase convenience.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra will go on sale in early Q2 2022 and can be purchased directly from Amazon.

Dell XPS 13 Plus

Dell XPS Plus 13
Source: Dell

CES 2022 saw a lot of laptops and computers in general, due to the launch of the Alder Lake and Ryzen 6000 Series processors, as well as new GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. But the Dell XPS 13 Plus has managed to grab attention, especially among those interested in ultrabooks because of its refreshed design and powerful hardware. But above all its design, we would say.

The XPS line has always prioritized its slim form factor and clean look, but this laptop takes it one step further. It has a row of capacitive keys that control various hardware functions of the device. The trackpad has also merged with the bridge and features haptic controls like Apple’s MacBook. The wider, flatter keys on the keyboard are also an eye-catching detail.

The device with its new internals is the most powerful the Dell XPS 13 line has ever been, and we hope the implementation is functionally robust and as good as the design.

John Deere Autonomous Tractor

Autonomous tractor in a field
Source: Pocketnow video

And last on our CES 2022 awards list is John Deere for its autonomous tractor. The product, although not for sale, may be available for rental. Some suggest the figure will rise to $ 50,000.

But whatever the case, the product aims to solve the manpower problem facing the agricultural industry; And to help you learn more about it, we recommend checking out Jaime Rivera’s interview with John Deere’s management team on the birth of the product.

John Deere’s products were already automated to some extent for the purpose of improving precision on farms, and this device just goes a step further.

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