China publishes draft regulations to better regulate mobile app services


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China on Wednesday released draft Internet application services regulations, following new regulations to improve algorithm recommendation services on Tuesday, aimed at strengthening monitoring of the behavior of businesses and companies. individuals in cyberspace.

The draft rule, released by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), stipulated that Chinese internet application service providers and their distribution platforms should not use the applications to engage in activities prohibited by law. that endanger China’s national security, disrupt social order, or infringe on the rights and legitimate interests of others.

According to the project, application providers should take technical measures to ensure data security during data processing, as well as to improve the data security management system in the whole process, to strengthen the risk monitoring.

The project is the result of a regulation on the management of information services on mobile Internet applications published by the CAC, which officially entered into force on August 1, 2016.

Experts said the project aims to further regulate the management of information services on mobile applications, as well as promote the sustainable and orderly development of the industry, while protecting the rights and legitimate interests of Chinese citizens.

The project requires application providers to license Internet news services when providing news information through applications, as well as improving the audit management mechanism on the Internet. information content and management measures, including user registration, account management and information auditing.

While processing personal information, application providers should not compel users to agree to the processing of non-essential personal information for any reason, nor deny the user access to basic functional services due to for its reluctance to provide non-essential personal information.

Additionally, app providers are required not to trick users into downloading the app through bogus promotions and illegal and unwanted information, nor to gain traffic by controlling comments or through “smuggling” practices. click farming ”.

The project said providers should focus on the mental well-being of minors and strictly enforce real name registration warrants. Products and services which may induce dependence in minors should not be provided to them in any form.

The ACC said it will improve the working mechanism to oversee and guide application providers and distribution platforms to engage in information service activities in accordance with the law.

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