Coromandel celebrates ‘Stewardship Day’ to educate farmers on crop protection products

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As a responsible agrochemical company, Coromandel International limited celebrated Farmers Day as “Stewardship Day” on 23e December with the aim of making farmers aware of the responsible use of phytosanitary products.

Stewardship Champions have been named Division Wise

Besides the top CPC leadership who conceptualized the event, the entire sales and marketing team, the Plant team and the Bio team zealously planned the day to help and guide farmers towards chemical safety. and make this event a historic event, as well, in a vision of establishing an integral relationship with them as well. As part of the planning, ‘stewardship champions’ were appointed at the division level to coordinate within the team and these stewardship champions were POC for all planning and management. execution of activities.

Farmer meetings were planned according to the territory and in these meetings he was also mandated to include an agricultural influencer. Discussions revolved around using the right product, buying, storing, the importance of the product label, and safe spraying. The marketing team demonstrated in detail the product labels and the use of appropriate PPE and spray equipment. The team covered extensively with safe spraying, including detailed steps to take before, during and after spraying pesticides.

More than 5000 participants benefited

Stewardship alternates with responsibility to the farming community. A total of 121 stewardship meetings were held across India with the aim of reaching farmers through in-person meetings as well as online reach. In total, more than 5,000 participants benefited from the mega event, including farmers, distribution partners, institutional actors, media partners, etc. via online and offline mode.

Meeting attendees included influencers such as local leaders, scientists and KVK officials, scientists and research station officials, and influencer farmers. Thoughtful and well-designed safety awareness posters were shared at all farmer meetings.

Addressing the Stewardship Day meeting at Coromandel Headquarters, NK Rajavelu, Executive Vice President and Head of SBU, Crop Protection Business, said, “Stewardship helps create a special bond with end users and farmers. Today is indeed a historic day for all of us at Coromandel as we dedicate the day to spreading the message about responsible use.

Dr Rajul Edoliya, Vice President and Head of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs, who led the initiative, said: “Good management work takes place every day at Coromandel, but at least once a year we we are all mobilized to reach tens of thousands of producers. just in a day. For me this program is about our superpower for sustainability and collaboration”.

Stewardship journey to educate farmers and other stakeholders

As Head of Stewardship Champions, Satish Tiwari, Senior Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, addressed the meeting at KVK Gaddipally, Suryapeta. “It has been our own way of celebrating ‘Kisan Diwas’ this year. In past celebrations, we have held training sessions on “Responsible Use of Pesticides” at major agricultural universities across the country, to get the message across to students. We will continue our journey of stewardship by educating farmers and all other stakeholders.

Besides the physical meetings, digital awareness was also very important. As part of the digital outreach, messages were sent via social media networks and emails that amplified the reach of farmers as well as other stakeholders. The Live of Stewardship meeting was broadcast on our Facebook page “Coromandel International Limited”, he said.

This meeting was unique in the agrochemical industry. In addition to the Sales & Marketing team, safety meetings were also organized in Coromandel’s technical, formulation and biofabrication factories as well as at the headquarters and in the offices of the divisions to improve the level of awareness of all employees as well.

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