DHAVALAS Provides Complete End-to-End Agricultural Services to Farmers


With initial funding from the founder and members of his family, the startup is now fully underway. They expect an angel investment of $ 1 million to start the business operations.

DHAVALAS offers end-to-end integrated agriculture services to farmers. All of these technology-driven services are offered on a wide platform, where an ordinary farmer, who is harmed by the traditional farming situation, receives full support from Dhavalas. The idea of ​​the start-up is to significantly improve the productivity of farmers, maximize profitability and minimize risks by adapting a more scientific and technological integrated agro-agricultural system, providing comprehensive knowledge support through professional services and creating a transparent supply chain to eliminate the long chain of intermediaries. The farmer engages in this farming system throughout the year and ideally earns four times his current income. End-to-end solutions offered by the startup include consulting services ranging from soil analysis to pre- and post-harvest management, supply of agricultural infrastructure development materials, supply of agricultural consumables, buyback major agricultural products for resale, food processing and product storage. .

The startup is driven by many unique key features ranging from providing end-to-end solutions to farmer customers on a single platform to integrated technology-driven farming system as well as the complete solution over traditional farming system. The service aims to maximize farmers’ income adequately and the traditional farming risk of farmers is significantly minimized with these services. The services that are offered to the farmer’s field by the professionals of the respective service category are tailor-made services offered according to the geographic needs of the farmer.

With initial funding from the founder and members of his family, the startup is now fully underway. They expect an angel investment of $ 1 million to start the business operations. This funding is mainly needed to cover monthly operating expenses in three areas: salaries and wages, marketing and promotion expenses, and other field execution expenses. Since the startup is set for a big commercial launch, other highlights on the funding front would be: Operational cash flow will be generated after a few months. The break-even point is very low, so start-up would be profitable from the first year of operation. It has the fastest payback with a very high EPS guarantee, so it is confident to cross $ 1 billion in revenue by the second year. The startup has already gone through all the stages of risk taking and failure, so the investor’s money would only be used for the generation of operational income.

The agribusiness sector has the largest market among them all with a gigantic size of $ 410 billion in annual expenditure. Not only in financial terms, but also in terms of numbers,> 65% of the country’s population is engaged in this market. It is the central sector of the economy and many small markets depend on it. The agro-economy is currently growing at @ 2%, while it has the potential to grow 2-3 times per year. This shows enormous development possibilities in this sector. Based on these facts, the startup’s marketing plans and strategies initially target only “well-heeled” farmers with more than 10 acres of farmland with gradual and concurrent expansions in neighboring districts and states on a quarterly basis. The start-up has engaged representatives at the local village level as the company’s distribution partners for marketing and promotion, more than 500 farmers are already registered to take services in 5 districts. An aggressive after-sales support methodology for optimal customer satisfaction is followed.

The immediate plan is to launch business operations in 5 districts of two states – Chhattisgarh and Odisha. Gradually, they plan to expand operations to 240 districts across 14 states in India. These expansions are planned on the basis of the quarterly crop year, simultaneously in many districts. To opt for a smooth and flawless execution system, the startup is working on a mobile app for farmers (external client side) and distribution partners (internal side), which would be ready for use in a few months.

Launching your fundraising in Dhavalas will help transform and change the lives of 65% of the country’s population who only survive on agriculture.

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