How to register as a user of professional plant protection products (PPP) and adjuvants


Who should register

You must register as a business, organization or sole proprietorship using professional PPPs and any adjuvant in Great Britain (England, Scotland or Wales).

You must register if you:

  • use professional PPPs and any adjuvants in your work
  • have professional PPPs and any admixtures applied by a third party as part of your work in agriculture or horticulture, landscaping or forestry

You don’t need to register if you use amateur PPPs, like in your garden.

The form asks you to indicate in which sector(s) you work.

Agriculture and horticulture

This includes work in agriculture or horticulture such as the cultivation or tending of arable crops, fodder crops or livestock, or the treatment of seeds.


This includes working in gardening, landscaping, grounds maintenance or another role in an amenity setting such as:

  • schools
  • parks
  • sports grounds, including golf courses
  • public or private property
  • infrastructure such as roads, railways and waterways
  • utilities, such as transportation and water companies


This includes work in forests or woodlands, such as in:

  • tree management
  • tree plantation
  • use of forest or woodland

We store your business addresses. If you are a business or organization that uses professional PPPs and any adjuvants, you must register each address where you:

  • put them away
  • keep records
  • apply them, if on your commercial property such as land you own or lease

You should not add the addresses where you apply PPP for customers on their land.

Enter all addresses that apply. For example, if you store PPPs and admixtures at 2 addresses and keep records in a separate office, you must provide details of all 3.

It does not matter that some addresses are registered twice, by both a property owner and his tenant, for example.

Temporary addresses

You must register at least one permanent business address. You do not need to register temporary addresses, for example addresses that you will only use for a maximum of 2 years.

Variable use of PPPs

If the amount of PPPs you use changes from year to year, you must enter an amount that you would use in a typical year. If you use PPPs in some years but not others, indicate the typical amount you would use in a year.

How to register

Download and complete a form to register as a business, organization or sole proprietorship using professional PPPs and any adjuvant in Britain.

Download form

The form is in spreadsheet format. You need a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice or Mac OS Numbers on your device to open and complete the form.

The form is available in 2 different file types: .ods and .xls.

Use the .ods file if you have OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Use the .xls file if you have Microsoft Excel or Mac OS numbers. This is a free application provided by Apple and should be pre-installed on your Mac.

Return the form

Save the completed form as an .ods or .xls file.

Email the file to

If your business closes after you register, you should notify

Help with the form

For help with the form, you can send an email using the subject line “OCR-PPP Registration Query” or call the helpline.

To contact Defra about a complaint, follow the complaints procedure.

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