Satellite monitoring technology adds value to agribusiness advisory services, says EOS Data Analytics


EOSDA introduces satellite imagery analysis to US agri-consultants to propel their services to new heights

/EIN News/ — Menlo Park, Calif., April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Modern agriculture faces an unprecedented challenge: to feed the ever-growing world population, which is expected to reach 9.9 billion people. ‘by 2050. Along with increasing agricultural markets in Africa and Latin America, countries with originally strong agricultural industries are also continuing to build their productive capacity. The United States is one of those countries whose vast land with fertile soils suitable for growing crops offers immense opportunities for farms of different sizes. Experts assume that more than two million agribusinesses, including agribusinesses, will reside in the United States in 2022.

Fulfilling the responsible mission of providing food for mankind, farmers are not alone in their fight for higher yields – agricultural consultants armed with their hands-on experience and top-of-the-line technologies are there for you. to help. Agtech innovations will greatly facilitate agricultural operations, enabling agricultural consultants to provide more efficient services.

EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, provides agri-advisors with satellite-based precision farming solutions they can include in their offerings and achieve better results with clients .

Each client has specific challenges that an agri-advisor must face. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for consultants to encounter various obstacles that complicate the desired results. Very often, they just lack the data to give relevant recommendations. Additionally, without remote access to client fields, consultants must perform time-consuming scouting to investigate problem areas and detect crop issues or retrieve information from different sources to comprehensively view the yield capacity of the crops. fields. All of these factors are compounded by high market competition and limited resources to promote consulting services, resulting in unstable client flow.

Thus, it is fair to say that agri-advisors have a critical need to access reliable agricultural information to provide their clients with the best services. EOS crop monitoring, an online satellite-based precision farming platform for near real-time field monitoring by EOS Data Analytics, provides agro-consultants with precise data extracted from satellite imagery and analyzed by AI and l machine learning. The platform helps monitor vegetation growth, water stress, weather hazards, soil moisture, soil nutrient concentration, and gain insight into many other essential aspects to consider when of crop growth.

The benefits of satellite remote sensing in agriculture. Image: EOS Data Analysis

In addition to existing crop monitoring solutions, EOS Data Analytics is currently working on the EOS SAT project — the Agriculture Satellite Constellation consisting of seven optical satellites to provide high-quality image analysis for agricultural needs.

The first satellite will be delivered to low Earth orbit in 2022, followed by six in 2023-2024. Being the first company to launch the agro-oriented constellation among those that use remote sensing technologies in their products, EOS Data Analytics aims to cover the entire vertical of data production, from obtaining and processing information. satellite imagery to ready-to-use analysis solutions designed specifically for farmers.

“By launching the EOS SAT constellation, we guarantee our customers access to satellite imagery with much higher resolution and more frequent revisits of the target area than open source data. Our ultimate goal is to provide users with the solution they can trust – high quality satellite imagery processed with mathematical algorithms to help farmers achieve the yields they strive for,” said Rim Elijah, Vice President of Sales at EOS Data Analytics.

Among the various features of EOS Crop Monitoring that could be particularly useful for agricultural consultants are: vegetation indices that help to define cultivation conditions, to solve existing problems in a timely manner and to prevent risks threatening crops, weather forecast and historical data, scouting Tasks, zoning for a differential nutrition application, team managementand field evaluation table.

“To understand crop growth issues and give relevant advice, agro-consultants collect a lot of information and perform analytical work to get a 360-degree picture of the crop’s condition. EOS Crop Monitoring can significantly ease this burden by providing consultants with multiple crop development insights extracted from satellite imagery using AI and machine learning algorithms,” Remarks Mohammed Altaqatqa, Partner Sales Manager at EOS Data Analytics.

Under EOS Data Analytics Partner ProgramThe company offers several partnership options to choose from:

Out-of-the-box EOS crop monitoring — an out-of-the-box option for accounts with a subscription package of more than 5,000 ha with a dedicated account manager.

White label solution (Simple or Advanced) — a suitable choice for customers who want to benefit from a fully customized crop monitoring platform by implementing branding, identity and domain name change. By choosing an advanced white-label product, customers will have a mobile scouting app (in addition to the desktop platform version), an admin panel for user management, and custom reports .

In addition to the options above, EOS Data Analytics considers customized solutions according to customers’ requirements. Functionality can include crop and soil type classification maps, field boundary detection, yield prediction, dynamic harvest monitoring and other features tailored to specific customer needs.

EOS Data Analytics believes that satellite-driven precision farming technologies will help US agro-consultants bolster their core offerings by complementing them with crop monitoring analytics. Additionally, with the launch of the EOS SAT constellation, the company will ensure even more accurate data in its products, providing greater value to companies engaged in agri-advisory.

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