Tradus: How interest in used farm equipment evolved on the platform in the first half of the year


Tradus, the global used commercial vehicle trading market, has been monitoring the platform’s activity since the coronavirus epidemic: in the agricultural sector, farmers’ activity has continued despite the global context. At least that is the conclusion of the pageviews analysis for the agricultural sector in Europe: interest in tractors was highest, but farmers also preferred harvesting equipment for specialized jobs, while the interest in other categories depended on the season.

“With over 10 million farms in the European Union alone, agriculture is a vital sector in all regions of Europe and a very important component of the economy. For Tradus, the agricultural machinery business is a strong sector as we have seen it grow at a steady rate over the past year. During the coronavirus epidemic, we continued to see interest in agricultural equipment, which is proof that this sector has continued activity despite the global context, taking seriously its mission of providing food for the world, even in times of crisis. », Says Nadja Sörgel, Managing Director of Tradus.

Tractors, the backbone of any farm

Tractors are the most demanded agricultural equipment on the platform. Tradus reports that between January and June 2020, tractors recorded 71.7% of total visits in the agricultural category. The peak of interest is January, with 73.6% of total visits for the month, while March follows closely behind with 73.2% of monthly total page views. The farmers were definitely preparing in advance for the coming year. However, interest declined in April and June, with less than 70% of monthly pageviews, which may be an indicator that farmers were focusing on other types of specialized equipment for seasonal work.

John Deere, Fendt and New Holland are among the most popular agricultural brands on the platform. In addition, the brand search and price range filter are the most used in the search for tractors on the platform.

Harvesting equipment, at the top for specialized machines

Harvesting equipment is by far the most sought after when it comes to specialty machinery, accounting for 7.8% of total pageviews in the first six months of the year. The lowest month of interest was April, with 6.2% of monthly pageviews, while the peak was recorded in June, with 9.6% of monthly pageviews for this type of used machines. This may be because farmers prepare in advance for the most important time of the year: the harvest season.

However, January and February were also good months for harvesting material with 9% and 8.4% of monthly pageviews. This again shows that the farmers use the first months of the year to prepare in advance for the seasons to come.

Peaks of interest in April and June

Interest from farmers varied in the first six months of the year, but generally peaks of interest were recorded in April and June.

For example, interest in garden machinery was highest in April, at 2.5% of total monthly pageviews, after registering just 1% of total monthly pageviews in January. However, interest began to decline in May and June, with 1.8% of monthly pageviews.

Other specialty categories like farm trailers, tillage equipment and fertilizer spreaders also peaked in April, but interest declined in May and June. For example, tillage equipment recorded 5% of monthly pageviews in April, while it declined to 3.1% of pageviews in June. Over the other four months, it remains fairly constant, with over 3% of pageviews each month.

In contrast, interest in hay / forage equipment was highest in June. Interest in this specialized equipment increased over the year, with 3.2% of monthly page views in January to 4.9% in April and peaked in June, with 5.5% of pages. monthly views.

Interest in potato equipment, processing and storage equipment and viticulture equipment remained relatively constant during the first half of the year.

To perform this analysis, specialists from the Tradus team used data from the platform from January to June 2020 and the analysis focused on the percentage of total clicks on each livestock category.

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